About Us

What We Do

The mission of our firm is to provide the best quality service and results to your business with personalized service that large firms can’t provide. We can do this because large firms have a hierarchy of associates and partners. In large firms, a senior partner is put on the case who does not get personally involved. A junior associate does the majority of the work.   Our firm is able to be competitive because our experience and personal contact with the you  enable them to out maneuver large firms.give you a boutique firm experience.

If we firm can stand up to the largest banks in the United States and the largest companies in the United States at a fraction of the charges of large firms, we can help you.


Meet Our Lawyer

Charles Richmond has been providing tenacious and economic legal services for the real estate and business communities for 37 years.  He has served over 6,000 clients in both jury and judge/bench trials, and administrative law matters throughout California, including San Diego County, Riverside County, Los Angeles County, Orange County and San Francisco County.

He is also admitted to practice before the Federal District Courts of the Southern District of California, the Central District of California and the United States Supreme Court.